Art Openings | DUALITY & Past & Present: A Celebration of Black Art & Artists

Art Openings | DUALITY & Past & Present: A Celebration of Black Art & Artists

GALA (Galleries at LynnArts) will be opening 2 new exhibits titled “Past & Present: A celebration of Black Art & Black Artists” in the Community Gallery and an exhibit titled “Duality” in the Main Gallery. Both of these exhibits run from February 11 – March 24, 2022.
Past & Present: A celebration of Black Art & Artists
In honor of Black History Month, four local Black artists were invited to show in the Community Gallery. They each selected historical Black artists, that inspire them, to share with exhibit visitors. We worked together to create a collaboration among the artists, GALA and North Shore Juneteenth @northshorejuneteenth. . This show is an introduction to historical Black artists as well as local talent who are exceptional examples of Black artists in their media. We will feature each local Black artist in a week-long pop-up, artists include:
Wendolin Elad (February 8-14, 2022) @thesophisticatedchaton
Ruben D. Feliz(February 22-28, 2022) @rubendfeliz
Jah’Nyah Spencer (March 1-7, 2022) @_jah.nyah_
Ellery Sanchez (March 8-14, 2022) @mismoestrella
We asked the artists in the exhibit, “Duality” to question or describe duality on many levels. They approached it from the personal, the political, the mythical, the natural and the symbolic. In “Duality”, GALA is sharing the diversity of amateur and professional artists in a variety of media, painters,photographers, and sculptors.
The artwork of this exhibit asked artists and viewers to reflect upon inner dichotomies and how they resolved conflict and became whole. Other entry points included yin and yang, day and night, right and wrong, hot and cold…. Differences that balance each other to create harmony or systemic balance.
These shows will be open to the public starting on February 11, please find current hours posted on social media and on the GALA website. The show will also be available online so those not in the area can still enjoy the works.

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