Book a “Good Witch Transformation”

Book a “Good Witch Transformation”

Thank you for your interest in a “Good Witch” Transformation!

Through our transformations children unleash their own spellbinding charms and embrace their individuality. Children are invited to browse our collection of witch hats and dresses. Adorned with shimmering stars, flowing capes, and ribbons of enchantment, these outfits are sure to celebrate their unique spirits.

Our talented apprentices delicately apply a touch of stardust and add sprinkles of color that match your child’s vibrant personality. As they gaze upon their reflection, their eyes light up with a newfound confidence and a sense of whimsical delight. They have become the magical beings they’ve always dreamt of, casting spells and brewing potions in their imaginary world. Their laughter fills the air as they twirl and spin, radiating with joy and wonder.

There are three (3) different packages from which to choose.

Good Witch Transformation Packages














Deposits of $50 are required to reserve your appointment.
Deposit amounts are deducted from total purchase price in store.
Deposits are non-refundable.

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