Children’s Broom Making

Children’s Broom Making

Children’s Broom Making – July 7 2023

Workshop Time: 10:00AM – 11:00AM
Location: The Good Witch of Salem @ 2 North Street, Salem MA 01970 
Hosted By: Good Witch Helpers (Please note: The Good Witch of Salem will NOT be in attendance).

Calling all witches and wizards! Join the Good Witch Helpers in crafting and decorating your very own magical broom. Flying lessons not included 😉 Learn about magical moon dust and choose one to use on your broom.

This workshop is limited to 4 children, pre-registration is required. Under age 5 may attend with the help of a supervising adult. Due to space constraints, please refrain from bringing in strollers and wagons. Ticket purchase only admits one (1) participating child and one (1) supervising adult.

This event will be hosted by Good Witch Helpers (the Good Witch of Salem will NOT be in attendance).

Please note: Summer Programs, Events, and Workshops are non-refundable at this time.

Good Witch Helpers

Age Requirements:

All ages welcome

Children under the age of four (4) must have a supervising parent/caregiver present at all times. Children ages 4 and up can be dropped off at this event with a consent form. Consent forms MUST be completed prior to the event. Any child without a consent form may not attend the event.

Please keep in mind: Each event is created and intended for a specific age group. Please note the age requirement under the heading for each event. For events that are all ages, please know that a parent or guardian must attend with any child ages 4 or under.

CONSENT POLICY: All participants taking part in any Good Witch of Salem class, workshop, program or event MUST fill out a consent form. The consent form must be completed for all minors by a parent. Grandparents, babysitters, nannies, and caregivers cannot sign off on the consent for a minor. Participants without a Consent Form are not able to partake in the event.

  • Please find the online Consent Form here  


    CANCELLATION POLICY: All registrations are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend your event we would love for you to transfer your experience to a friend.

    About the Good Witch of Salem

    Ashley Tina is a Teacher, Author, and Owner of The Good Witch of Salem. She began her career as an Elementary School Teacher in Revere MA. Ashley continued to build on her career by receiving an M.Ed in Special Education from Salem State University and went on to receive additional teaching licenses in English as a Second Language and Early Childhood Education. With over ten years of teaching experience and a love for children, Ashley was left with the desire to create an avenue to share her talents with a larger audience. The Good Witch of Salem is a positive role model represented by the vibrant color “pink.” Events, workshops, educational resources, and storytelling are just a few of the ways in which the Good Witch shares her magic. You may also read about the Good Witch’s magical gifts in Ashley Tina’s first published book, “The Good Witch of Salem.”

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