For the Love of Garlic

For the Love of Garlic

Join gardening expert Betsy Williams in a hands-on workshop to learn how to grow and use garlic, queen of the kitchen, and her many strikingly beautiful cousins, the alliums!
Fall is garlic planting time for New Englanders, as well as time to plant the bulbs of decorative alliums. Critter resistant and easy to grow, perennial alliums boast lovely, long lasting flowers that add dramatic interest and color to the garden from May to September and, in some cases, can be dried for winter use. Learn how to grow and harvest garlic, which alliums to choose for your garden and how to use both of them in seasonal flower arranging!

Each student will take home specialized garden catalogs, alliums bulbs and garlic to plant plus flowering alliums seed heads to use in seasonal decorating.
Betsy Williams teaches, lectures and writes about living with herbs and flowers. A life long gardener, herb grower and cook, Betsy trained as a florist in Boston and England. She combines her floral, gardening and cooking skills with an extensive knowledge of history, plant lore and seasonal celebrations. An entertaining lecturer, she weaves stories and legends throughout her informative talks and demonstrations.

This workshop will be held in the indoor program space at our new Garden Gateway.
Be sure to bring an apron and floral or garden scissors to class. All other materials provided.
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