Kiss The Sky – The Jimi Hendrix Re-Experience

Kiss The Sky – The Jimi Hendrix Re-Experience

Kiss The Sky recreates Jimi Hendrix’s most iconic concert moments LIVE, ranging from Monterey Pop to Woodstock, The Cry of Love Tour, Band of Gypsys and more, all done with meticulous details in sight and sound. Each show is specially curated for the audience to celebrate standout moments in the short but incredibly impactful career of Jimi Hendrix. Kiss the Sky has toured worldwide to rave audience and press reviews. They won the “World’s Greatest Tribute” award for performing Hendrix on national cable channel AXS-TV. They have performed with and received accolades from former Hendrix bandmates Billy Cox, Juma Sultan, Gerardo Velez and Buddy Miles.
Playing the part of Jimi Hendrix is Jimy Bleu. Bleu is the longest-running Hendrix tribute specialist and a virtuoso left-handed guitarist like Hendrix himself. Bleu performs all the Hendrix moves – playing the guitar behind his back, head, between his legs and with his teeth played with such accuracy that it leaves crowds stunned, feeling like they have seen Hendrix himself!

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