Loren Doucette: Where You’ve Been; Where You’re Going

Loren Doucette: Where You’ve Been; Where You’re Going

Loren Doucette is back! Join us for a critique of past work and jumpstart suggestions for the new year.

About this event

“Education” (educere) means to “draw from within.” In this class you will be supported in “drawing within” to expand your own unique visual language in hopes to launch your next body of work.

Class starts with a supportive and helpful group critique of 6-8 of your past works (please choose works that you would like feedback on and that possibly inform your next body of work—where you want to go.) The second part of the class will be a time to “go within” and reflect on the feedback of where you have been and set ideas for where you want to go next. Please bring a journal, pen, charcoal, sketchbook and some small travel paints of your choice to explore new visual concepts. Loren will make her way around the room at this time to lend one-on-one coaching to help you to focus your new ideas.


10-12:30 group critiques

In the first half of the day, you will get feedback and insight from Loren and also from the group. This can be very helpful if the work has not been seen before.

12:30-1 short lunch break

Bring food and drinks; bathrooms, refrigerator, water and a microwave available at the Cultural Center.

1-3:00 Reflection—and a look forward—journal, sketching, painting

This is your own journaling/sketching/painting time to process the feedback from the critique and to write, sketch or paint some ideas going forward to a new body of work. During this time, Loren will go around the room with individual coaching helping to springboard you to new goals with your work.

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