Mix It Up! Mixed Media with Maria Malatesta

Mix It Up! Mixed Media with Maria Malatesta

Dive deep into mixed media with painting, image transfer and gelli printing, collage and more

About this event

In this fun workshop, artist Maria Malatesta will help us explore the creative landscape of mixed media with a variety of techniques. Learn to make unique monoprints using a gelli plate combined with stencils, drawing into the plate, layering paint and more!

Working in series is a great way to push and deepen your involvement with your art practice. By staying focused or an idea, shape, words or image, we will explore a variety of materials and methods of mixed media painting. We will look at artist’s work in the context of series for understanding and inspiration.

NOTE: This workshop will take place at Ocean Alliance, 32 Horton Street, on the edge of Rocky Neck overlooking Gloucester Harbor. Class takes place Tuesday through Thursday, February 22 through 24, from 10 AM to 3 PM each day. Be sure to bring your lunch.


Heavy paper such as Stonehenge, Watercolor or BFK Arches.

Wood Panels: optional

A few copies of images that interest you for Image transfer.

An assortment of collage materials:

Fabric, photographs, various papers, wallpaper, old documents or letters, newspaper articles, old drawings, receipts, or maps. Bring whatever interests you!

Acrylic gel medium or acrylic medium (more fluid)

Acrylic paints in the colors of your choice.

A palette knife

Disposable palette

Drawing materials; charcoal, pencil, pastel, china markers, oil sticks, crayons, etc.

Brushes: Your brushes and you may want to include some inexpensive 1” – 3” bristle brushes from Home Depot

Some other things that you may want to think about bringing:

Found or personal objects, sewing materials, old books.

Please bring any other materials that you are comfortable using or that grab your attention!

Bring printouts of favorite images for transfer printing

Gelli Plate I use a 6” by 6”. You can use any size. Blick has them Item #47003-1066 Amazon has them too! Art Supply Wholesale in Beverly has the Speedball brandI also have lots of extra plates for use if you don’t want to invest in one now.

2 brayers around 4 or 6 inch. I also have some extras.

Paper. Stonehenge or BFK Rives is good. 1 or 2 sheets

Lots of pieces of rice paper, old letters, old drawings, bills, lists, any papers you would like to print on. Some of your Stonehenge to print on also.

Suggestions for creating texture: Stencils, strings, mesh, bubble wrap, leaves or flowers, etc. Q tips, old wooden spoons, sticks or other such things to draw by removing paint on the plate.

Acrylic Paints. A variety of colors. Transparent colors are better for layering. Hansa Yellow, Alizeran Crimson, the Quinacrodone colors are some. Just something to think about for layering colors.

Acrylic Medium for glue.

Disposable palette



Bucket for water

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