The hills are alive with the sound of … NATURALLY 7! Yes, the boys are going to the movies to produce some of the greatest movie music ever in their own amazing style. Back by popular demand, a cappella sensation Naturally 7 has catapulted the genre well into the 21st century by reinventing it with their distinct style of “vocal play.”

Stunning! Sensational! Fantastic!—those are just a few of the reactions when someone experiences NATURALLY 7 for the first time. It’s a universal language because that same reaction has erupted throughout Europe, the USA, Asia, Australia and just about everywhere around this music-loving planet.

It would be easy to say that they are the unsung heroes of music but that would be totally wrong because NATURALLY 7 are not ‘unsung’ and they certainly can sing – plus some! They not only provide the voices of song but they provide the sound of the instruments as well! Yes, they brilliantly create their own backing band without any real instruments at all, and guess what? The sound they create is Stunning! Sensational! Fantastic! Really? Oh yes! That’s why NATURALLY 7 has toured in support of Michael Bublé so many times as well as being personally requested to work with global stars like Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie, Quincy Jones, Coldplay and numerous other greats. What makes them so special? Why are they in such demand and constantly being asked on guest on major TV shows all over the world? It’s partly because of who they are, but mostly, it’s because of what they do. They are an a cappella group plus some! Perhaps we should ask founder, musical director arranger, baritone and pretty talented rapper Roger Thomas to introduce us properly to the magnificent NATURALLY 7.

“It really began when my brother Warren and I moved to New York from Manchester—yes, we were two English kids. Our dad had a gospel group which had continually been touring Britain before we moved to the States and so, as you can imagine, we were brought up in a musical family and also a musical family that performed. “Well we grew up properly in the Bronx and then in Queens and just about anyone who was anyone in music appeared in New York so we were there taking it all on board and loving Hip Hop which was in its early days then. So our influences were Dad, the stars of the day, music and the thrill of performance. We have had some great stepping stones on this journey. We have had many great music stars come to see us – that is very flattering and they come up to speak to you afterwards and you feel like asking for their autograph. We are both a visual and an audio act and at first I thought we would never be suitable for radio but I was wrong and we are often asked to do appear on radio shows and we love it. It is so very different.”

“I am often asked what we do and how we do it. Well, what we do is sing, but at the same time, we each impersonate musical instruments and create a wall of sound without anyone playing anything. We are also very visual. We don’t just stand like a choir but use the stage and bump into each other now and then!”

“We have had quite a few albums released and another one being worked on, which is a departure for us, but we are looking forward to it. That is one of the keys to us keeping so fresh—we are always looking at new challenges, new numbers, new places. It keeps the journey still exciting for us and hopefully that infects everyone who comes to see us. We love what we do and we love audiences becoming part of the show. We even enjoy the travelling and whether it is Europe, Australia, Asia, the US or anywhere else, we also leave wishing to come back as soon as possible. Music is such great therapy, it embodies love, fun and a vibrancy that sweeps away problems and brings people together to celebrate the gift of life.”

Please Note: For some non-classical concerts, the window behind the stage may need to be covered for acoustical purposes. We do not always know which artists will need the window closed, but at a certain level of amplification, it is necessary.

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