Newburyport Art presents Explorations of a Blank Slate

Newburyport Art presents Explorations of a Blank Slate

Newburyport Art (NAA) is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year! To kick off celebrations, 75 7”x5” panels were distributed to NAA artists with a mission of filling the Hartson Gallery with new and exciting artwork. All artists began with the same blank slate — the 7”x5” cradled wood panel. Artists were invited to paint, draw, collage, carve, assemble, sculpt… essentially to transform the panels into original works of art. 

The exhibition is a comprehensive reflection of the diversity among the NAA’s member artists, showcasing a diversity of perspectives and artistic styles. Among the displayed pieces, one can find an assortment of works, from representational scenes to abstract compositions, from reliefs to collages, and even photographs, among others. Moreover, the works’ smaller size provides an excellent opportunity for interested art enthusiasts to acquire them at affordable prices. If a particular piece has caught your eye, it’s best to act quickly, as it might not be available for long!


Newburyport Art would like to thank the Newburyport Bank Charitable Foundation for generously sponsoring its 75th Anniversary celebrations, as well as members and visitors for helping pay tribute to 75 years of celebrating the arts in the community!


The galleries are free and open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00am–5:00pm and Sunday from 1:00pm–5:00pm. Newburyport Art is closed on Mondays. The ground-floor Hills Gallery has an accessible entrance. More information, as well as an online gallery is available at


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