North Atlantic Ballet SummerScape

North Atlantic Ballet SummerScape

Escape from the ordinary and catch one of North Atlantic Ballet’s summer repertory performances. Explore the bohemian romance of the season with a variety of smaller ballets in a relaxed atmosphere under the tent on Windhover’s outdoor stage. Performances are Sunday, July 10 at 2pm and 5pm. Tickets are $25-$30 and can be reserved at

Performances for this SummerScape show will Include our “1:2 Choreography Lab” plus “Mus-Krat” and “In the Mood.”

1:2 Program: A Choreography Lab explores the interconnectivity of thought through music and movement. Since 2015, NAB has been commissioning and supporting local artists to create new works in an open environment. This opportunity for experimentation fosters new growth for the art form and provides unique experiences for the community. While art is usually an extremely personal process, some of the best works have been created when two or more creative talents come together to contribute their skills and create something unprecedented. Through these collaborations, we open the mind and imagination, allowing artists to grow within their craft. After all, nothing ever progresses unless you foster growth. For this year’s 1:2 Choreography Lab, NAB collaborated with musician and composer Eric Seligman along with choreographers Ilya Vidrin and Lucy Warren-Whitman to bring two new and exciting works.

“Poise” by Ilya Vidrin is a study on ceremony, reverence, and intimate labors of care. Throughout the suite, dancers move with simple household towels, which were originally used as a temporary substitute for engaging human contact given the restrictions of Covid-19. The towels function as both an active vessel through which to communicate tension and resistance, as well as a significant object by which to engage in necessary caring practices of hygiene, health, and welfare.

The second piece for the 1:2 Choreography Lab will be a new work by Artistic Director Lucy Warren-Whitman so for now it remains a mystery.

“Mus-Krat” was created in 2021 through NAB’s 1:2 Choreography Lab.  “Mus-Krat” plays with the feminine and her discovery of self along the way. It’s her prerogative to decide for herself what her feminism means to her. She stands in front of you saying “this is me, right now, as I am and all that I am; basque in my warm embrace.”

“In the Mood is set after WWII and is an intimate portrait of a group of travelers arriving on a train platform. The ballet explores the resilience of humanity and its ability to celebrate what makes life worth living. Boogie in your seats while you are whisked away to a bygone era perfectly reflected by Glen Miller’s Big band music.

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