Paint A Floor Cloth

Paint A Floor Cloth

About this event

A Floor Cloth is a painted piece of canvas used as a decorative floor covering. Floor cloths are a great alternative to area rugs to protect wood floors and add a splash of color to your home.


In this workshop, we will create a floor cloth using canvas and acrylic and latex paints.


The first week will explore the history of floor cloths and discuss the materials and processes involved. During the week between classes, you will prep your canvas and work on your design.


During the second class we will work on transferring your design onto the floor cloth and painting it. After drying, if there is enough time, we will put the first sealing coat on your creation and the following coats will be done at home.

Location: The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson St., Gloucester, Massachusetts

Classes take place:

October 19 from noon to 2 PM

October 26 from noon to 4 PM

Materials Needed: Students will provide most of their own materials, which they may already have on hand ( #12 canvas, gesso, acrylic and latex paint, polyurethane, brushes, etc.). Students can buy an already prepped canvas, but best to learn the entire process.

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