Real Soundpainting Pirates: An Immersive Theatre and Music Adventure

Real Soundpainting Pirates: An Immersive Theatre and Music Adventure

About this event

Find yourself part of an interactive pirate adventure! A shipwrecked pirate ship leaves a host of pirates and musicians ashore this Salem Shanty. The live-composition will take shape around you as characters build their story with musical prodding from mysterious pirate-bard musicians. What will happen next? Come see!

At the new ‘Real Pirates’ museum in Salem, MA, Chagall PAC hosts their own interactive performance about pirates and pirate treasure with music and theatre. The performance will take place inside and outside the museum space of Real Pirates at Charlotte Forten Park, with full access to the inside space granted only to ticket holders!

Sponsored by Real Pirates, this show will feature real artifacts and treasure from the shipwrecked Whydah Gally. Performers will be in character, evoking the over 300-year old story of “Black Sam” Bellamy – the wealthiest Atlantic based pirate from the Golden Age of Piracy – known by his crew as the Robin Hood of Pirates. He and all but 2 of his crew perished off the coast of Wellfleet, Massachusetts in 1717 as they attempted to get him to his love, Maria Hallett.

The Chagall Performance Art Collaborative (Chagall PAC) is a community of artists committed to collaborating across disciplines and exploring the ways we experience art. We believe art is never the same in any given moment, but rather evolving and continually being shaped by the imaginations of those who come into contact with it. We create performances that involve audience participation and expand to the newest reaches of contemporary performance art.

For this adventure, Chagall PAC will join forces with Intramersive Media, an immersive game theatre company based out of Salem MA, specializing in high production value, immersive experiences where guests can leave the realm of audience and become a part of the story. Using immersive theater, innovative storytelling and live action role playing, Intramersive gives audiences the opportunity to impact our small impermanent worlds.

When: September 16th, 2022, 8:30PM

Where: Salem Real Pirates, Charlotte Forten Park, Salem, MA, 01970

Cost: $40 Tickets for gallery entry, outdoor portion of the show is FREE

ChagallPAC Artists:

  • Dennis Shafer, co-director, Soundpainter, Music
  • Carly Dwyer, co-director, Soundpainter, Theatre
  • Kristin Harris, actor
  • Garrett Reynolds, actor
  • Ashley Skeffington, actor
  • Diana Norma Szokolyai, poet
  • Julee Avallone, flute
  • Todd Brunel, clarinet
  • Lydia Lucas, percussion
  • Gil Selinger, cello
  • Jay Daly, trumpet
  • Jose Reyes, violin

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