Sacred Space

Sacred Space

Sacred Space Art Exhibition at Cove Gallery, 37 Rocky Neck Ave., showcasing the work of artists Suzanne Agostino, Joan Bediz, Alev Danis, Nancy Jarvis, Laureen Maher, and Patricia Scialo, each committed to the exploration of both ordinary and extraordinary subjects they find in the world as visual creators. This exhibition extends a unique invitation to its artists to traverse the realms of ruins, environment, culture, and spirituality. Each element allows for expression of what sacred means to each, culminating in a storyboard of favorite and important subject matter. The titlealso underlines the nature of the venue itself: the sacred space of The Cove Gallery, formerly the Goetemann Gallery, on historic Rocky Neck.

The theme challenges the artists to reinterpret and transcend the mundane aspects of life,
presenting a fresh perspective on what constitutes sacredness. By focusing on ruins,
environment, culture, and spirituality, the exhibition aims to create a diverse and immersive
experience for the audience.

The public is invited to celebrate the creativity of the artists at the Opening Reception on May
23, 2024, from 5-7 PM.

Sunday, June 9, 2024, 3 – 5 PM – Creating Your Own Sacred Space Workshop:
To actively involve visitors to the exhibition, the artists plan to incorporate programming that
stimulates contemplation and fosters group engagement in an artist-led initiative. After
gathering natural objects found on Rocky Neck (ex. stones, sticks, flora, fauna & debris) they
will guide attendees in crafting and sharing their personal stories of Sacred Space.

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