Workshop with Amber Scoon

Workshop with Amber Scoon

Amber Scoon is a gifted teacher, able to meet students wherever they are in their process and help them connect more fully with their own artistic voice. This 4 day workshop, Monday August 22 – Thursday August 25 from 10-2, offers supportive space for independent work for 12 artists. Students will work on their own self-directed projects, with input from Amber through individual meetings and a final group critique.

On days One and Two, each student will have one-on-ones with Amber to set direction. On Day Three, Amber will circulate to each student. On Day Four, she will lead a group critique.

Class will be held in a very large studio space at Montserrat College in Beverly. Each artist has an 8’ working wall, work tables and easel.

Please bring 1-3 recent or in-progress artworks to share with Amber on your first day. Bringing images of your work is fine too.


Students are expected to bring their own supplies, based on the work they wish to do

Water-based paints only. No oil paint or turpentine due to people’s allergies.

Price $500.

About Amber

Amber Scoon makes art, books and events. She received her BS from New York University, her MFA in Painting from American University in Italy, and her PhD in Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought from the European Graduate School in Switzerland, where she is currently the John Berger Fellow.

Find out more about Amber Scoon here and here

Pictures above: Amber Scoon

Pictured blow: Amber Scoon sketching the floor of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

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