Alison is an artist, and art educator, who has developed numerous public art programs, installations and exhibitions for both adult and school age students, through her work with The Revolving Museum in Lowell, Arlington Center for the Arts, and Medicine Wheel Productions in Boston.  Working with students of all ages and abilities has been a catalyst for her profound faith in the creative instinct, and the celebration of that shared response.

Her drawings and paintings explore the beauty of line and form in otherwise mundane or everyday objects.  The imagery concealed within winters ice, or the accumulative impression of eroding objects, and public spaces, capturing the kaleidoscopic effect of the ubiquitous glass block; celebrating the delight of the familiar.  Not restricted by the scope of her subject matter, she has also turned her focus upon the human of the species; creating a series of mustache drawings, and documenting the wrinkles, age spots and laugh lines which proclaim our identity.  Currently, her work is absorbed by the residual layers of imagery found on empty billboards, and dilapidated signs; providing a preservation of this palimpsest.