Artist Statement- Ann-Marie Ciaraldi

A true empath since birth, my mission is to explore the past and to heal the future through movement. A classically trained dancer exchanging my pointe shoes for bare feet to dive into modern dance in my 20's, justice plays a prominent role in my life as my dance works revolve around social change.

I am a feminist-centric choreographer focusing mainly on women's stories. As a dancer, dance educator, and choreographer, I believe fiercely that women’s perspectives and narratives need to be seen and heard. Through my dance making, combined with other art disciplines, my goal is to bring education, understanding, and empathy to the audience member. My ultimate purpose is that my work will be an integral part of the collective healing process for women. I hope that the audience will embrace their own contributions to past and present inequalities and commit to active change. Through art, I believe our awareness and exploration deepens to create a greater connection to ourselves and others.