Jeff Nathan is a multi-award-winning children’s author and the creator of PunOETRY. A poet, singer/songwriter, children’s author and educator, Jeff has worked with children for over 30 years, and started writing for his own kids. Jeff is a graduate of the University of Rochester, in Rochester, NY, and lives in Andover, MA, with his wife.  They have four grown children. He is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.


Some of Jeff's Books and Books with His Work:


  • Which Monster Are YOU?, by Jeff Nathan (Active Literature, September 2017)
  • Sherlock and Me, by Jeff Nathan (Active Literature, August 2015)

    Winner: Benjamin Franklin Award, Literary Classics Award

  • I Hope I Don’t Strike Out, anthology edited by Bruce Lansky  (Meadowbrook Press, March 2008)
  • Stepping Stones, an English textbook (Wolters-Noordhoff, 2008)
  • Oh, My Darling Porcupine, anthology edited by Bruce Lansky  (Meadowbrook Press, June 2006)
  • There’s a Bear in My Shoe, by Jeff Nathan (Chucklebooks Publishing, January 2006)
  • Calling All Animals, by Jeff Nathan (Chucklebooks Publishing, December 2003)

       Winner: 2003 Pinnacle Book Award

  • There’s a Hippo in My Locker, by Jeff Nathan (Chucklebooks Publishing, October 2000)



Here is a SMALL sampling of newspapers that have featured articles about Jeff:


The Chattanooga Times Free Press        Chatanooga, TN                   by Emily Crisman

The Nashua Telegraph                               Nashua, NH                          by Jeff Abkowitz

The Record-Journal                                    Meriden, CT                          by Amanda Falcone

The Boston Globe                                        Boston, MA                           by Lauren Meade

The Berkshire Eagle                                    Pittsfield, MA                         by Jenn Smith

The Tribune Press                                       Gouverneur, NY                   by Sandy Wyman

The Springfield Republican                       Springfield, MA                     by Ken Ross

        Various articles are posted at


Website and Video:

Jeff’s web presence is based at Video previewing of his school programs are posted at  .


Principal's Recommendation Letters:

Jeff 's elementary school visit programs now boast more principals' enthusiastic letters than anything else in the country! 20 sample letters are at the first page bottom of


Grant Examples:

Jeff has received NEST (New England States Touring) grants from New England Foundation of the Arts and various grants have been awarded to bring his programs across the country, including grants from the Mass. Cultural Council, STARS (MA Creative Learning Residency), Target, Walmart, Salem Educational Foundation, Athol Royalston Education Foundation, Essex County Community Foundation, Framingham Education Foundation,  and Norton Embracing Education Development


Educational Functions and Ceremonies –  Speaking engagement examples:

Jeff has been invited to perform at the International Literacy Association Conventions since in 2013. He was the opening poet for their 16th annual International Reading Association Poetry Olio, which featured what they called “12 of the country’s funniest children’s poetry acts.” A featured presenter for Canada’s 2014-20 Reading for the Love of It conferences and the 2017 Missouri Early Learning Conference, he has also been keynote speaker or presenter at many other literacy events.


 CurricuLaughs School Visit Programs:


Jeff has shared his unique programs from Beverly, MA to San Jose, CA.


“…Even the most reluctant child gets swept up in the excitement. Your programs have made our students so excited about poetry and literacy…”

Mark Higgins   Witchcraft Heights Elementary School Principal              Salem, MA 

“…a blend of the genuine innocence of Mr. Rogers, the slap-stick comedy of the Three Stooges, and the intellectual drama of Shakespeare…”

Ann L. Freitag     Hinsdale Elementary School Principal                         Hinsdale, NH

“…one of the most productive, effective, and purposeful set of programs that we have had. Creative and innovative…the students were engaged throughout … and thoroughly enjoyed them…”

Connie Brown.  Randolph Howell School Principal                                 Columbia, TN 

“…best set of programs we’ve had in a long time…Our students went back to class and begged their teachers to allow them to write poems…”      

Mary Hill   Grinnell Elementary Principal                                                     Derry, NH

“…the most worthwhile set of programs I have ever brought to Woodville…”

            Brian Middleton-Cox     Woodville Elementary School Principal                 Wakefield, MA

“…This was the best visiting author program that I can remember bringing in for the children…”

Carol McGrath   Esten Elementary School Principal                                   Rockland, MA 

“…the richest experience that an author can provide…”

Roland Axelson  Waddell Elementary School Principal                           Manchester, CT

“…As educators, we talk about curriculum coming alive. With Mr. Nathan’s presentations, it did.”

Dr. Fran Scudese     Manchester Township Elementary Principal,          Manchester, NJ

 “…It was fantastic.”                                 

Bobbie French   Paxton Center School Principal                                         Paxton, MA


"This was, by far, the best set of presentations I have seen in our school system – funny, informative, inspiring, the kids LOVED them…"
     Dr. Marc Kerble     Winchester Schools Assistant Superintendent,      Winchester, MA


"Thank you so much for the truly remarkable show. I have no doubt that I could write a nicely worded, long, drawn-out appreciative thank you letter. But it would by no means illustrate how truly captivated the students at RMMS were with your show. So I will simply quote a student who said it best "You Rock!". From the mouth of babes, Jeff you were sensational. Thank you ever so much!"

     Kristine O. Murray     Richard Maghakian Memorial School   Media Enrichment Specialist   Brookline, NH


 “…It was engaging. It was funny. There was motion. There was reading. There was writing. There was interaction between presenter and kid, kid and kid, teacher and kid… It operated at so many different levels with regards to how you cognitively communicate important lessons to kids about their writing and their mastery of the language..”

     William Dollard    Shaker Road Elementary Principal,      Colonie, NY


"In my fifteen years of teaching, I have never seen a performer like Jeff Nathan. In addition to being captivatingly funny, musical, and whimsical, he provides hysterical … content in a multi-sensory format that makes poetry accessible to all children. If you only have one author visit your school, this is the one to get."

     Kathleen Holland     Greenwood Elementary Reading Specialist            Wakefield, MA


"Wow! Did my class enjoy your performances at our school! Thank you so much! My class is now in the process of writing thank you notes to you in either simile, metaphor, poem, or alliteration form. They're having fun with it…"
     Mrs. Gerry Belanger, 4th grade teacher, South Elementary School, Somerset, MA


"…very engaging and extremely worthwhile for my students … Poetry is…very difficult for fourth graders…students were very into his use of the guitar and loved his singing…his way of performing to teach them different things in a poem, from alliteration to stanzas, was definitely more interesting than their teacher standing in front of them in a classroom setting; I don't use a guitar, I don't fall on the ground and I don't juggle as I'm teaching so it was clearly more engaging for them. Teachers are animated to a certain extent, but he definitely took it to another level. He was wonderful."        

     Emily Rossman   GR4 Teacher   Fulton Elementary School    Ephrata, PA

Many more testimonials at