The Barn Workshop is composed of a group of individuals who are teachers, students and active professional artists. The Facilities provide a Studio-Gallery-Instruction for the artist who desires to work in cooperation with other artists and with students. Classes are held at the maximum of 10 people with stress on technical instruction on the first level and individual aesthetic development on the second level. An atmosphere of interaction between different disciplines of visual artistic expression is fostered.
The school was founded in 1973 and after incorporated as a non-profit organization. It has offered a program of courses in Fine Arts and Crafts, Workshops in different disciplines, children’s programs and consulting services in art education programs for: public and private elementary schools, middle – high schools and special groups.

A consistent schedule of exhibitions both in house and in cooperation with other organizations has been fostered. The goal is to promote the Visual Arts as a composite of Fine Arts and Fine Crafts.

The type of classes offered depends on community interest. Courses are scheduled: Winter session, Spring semester, Summer session, and Fall semester. Spring and Fall semesters are 14-week long, Winter and Summer sessions are 8-week long. Individual workshops for one or two days are scheduled on weekends throughout the year. In addition to scheduled classes, private instructions are available upon request.