The Beverly Arts District launched in the summer of 2014. Using an "Our Town" grant from the NEA, we have laid out the master plan for the district, which runs on Cabot Street from the 301 Gallery to the Cabot House Museum, with secondary locations all throughout the downtown and the city. In 2015, we received designation as a Cultural District from the MA Cultural Council. Our goals are to support artists by connecting them with opportunities to show and sell their work; to advocate for artists at the local and state level; to create and promote cultural activities within the district; and to commission public art.

If you're an artist or creative person who lives, works or studies in Beverly (MA), OR if you're the owner of a place in Beverly where creativity can happen or be shared, you should connect with BAD!  WHY?  Here are 3 reasons:

  • We can expand your world!  We can connect you with other artists and placemakers with whom you might find new collaboration opportunities.
  • We can help get you more exposure by promoting your shows and work through our far-reaching social media network and our big BAD events.
  • We can help get housing and live/work space for artists developed.

How do you connect with BAD?  Easy!  

  1. Create your own Creative Ground profile
  2. Under "I have worked with," enter "Beverly Arts District" in the profile name

Once you do that, you'll be able to find everyone else who's connected to BAD using the search box on the home page.  We'll also add you to our BAD email list.

Finally, if you'd like to volunteer with BAD, call Gin at 978-922-8558!