I am a multi-modal artist who uses non-linear resources to create and capture alternative words. I blend conceptual and physical spaces to explore the mundane, gender, ritual and pop-culture.

I am the co-founder of a DIY emerging art space and community non-profit in Omaha,NE and am an active artist advocate across regions. I also played a part in the creation of Arts & Culture districts in the state of Nebraska.

I have experience in writing, producing, directing and staging immersive exhibitions, pageants, devised and traditional theatre, radio theatre, experimental sound/dance performances, orchestral/choral groups, creative youth and non-traditional fundraising experiences. 

Recently, I have been focused on micro-literature in the form of self-publishing my own memoir zines- consisting of photography, short form prose, and poetry. 

I am currently the resident curator for the New Hampshire Art Association’s W.C. Gallery.