My work is about a way of looking at things. I do not have a single medium or working method. My work is often specific to space and context. My outdoor work responds to the history or geography of the landscape and my indoor work is often conceived in relation to architecture.


My most recent body of work, House of Words, is a series of sculptures in which I pay homage to the written word in the form of books, newspapers and magazines. The inspiration for these sculptures comes from community meeting places built by the Dogon people of Mali, West Africa.  In Dogon these meeting houses are called Toguna, which in English means House of Words.


In House of Words I address the future of books, newspapers and magazines. These sculptures celebrate books as physical objects with their own individual bindings, weight, size, color and history. I see the piece as an endless conversation, with hundreds of points of view manifest in the newspapers and books.

These pieces grow out of earlier text pieces such as the poems of e.e. cummings that I made into a path leading to his gravesite in Forest Hills Cemetery.