COCO Brown is a cultural community center; a multifunctional, intergenerational, place-making, creative arts and educational social space. A safe and inclusive place that holds space for history, the arts, and culture. COCO Brown uses the mediums of art, music, storytelling, and movement to strengthen community relationships and improve social and economic equity. COCO Brown is a space to facilitate Ubuntu… it's for family, for tribe, for community.

It is an IN-powering sanctuary where one can come to Nourish, Nurture, and Network. COCO Brown is a space to foster healing, conscientization; realization; revelation; revitalization and transformation. The space that holds COCO Brown is the new headquarters of POSE Inc., and currently functions as a bookstore, art store, retail store, event/meeting space, art gallery, classroom, co-working space, incubator space, creating space, and cultural arts studio. The classes, workshops, and programming provided out of this space cover all ages and intersectionality; always with an eye towards anti-racism, and social /economic equity and justice by consistently engaging our full authentic selves (mind, body, spirit). 

Services range from children's story telling, drumming, and family craft night to spoken-word workshops, poetry slams, improv, dances, open-mics, lecture series, and an array of literature, history and social justice educational programming for students of all ages. Educational, equitable and social emotional consulting services are available through the COCO Brown networking firm, as are stellar public and motivational speakers of color.