Since the birth of his young daughter, Dave Rattigan has gained new perspective at the cost of sleep, patience and logical thought. That's just one area the veteran Boston comedian covers in his act, which he's performed at comedy clubs, country clubs, theaters, corporate shows, bars, colleges, coffeehouses, the food court at Square One Mall, the lobby of an advertising agency, the loading dock of a parking lot, and a few warehouses. His CD (Dave Rattigan: Thinks He's Funny) received airplay onSirius -XM Satellite radio and other stations and websites, and video clips were featured on Hs made three appearances on the syndicated Steve Katsos Show, and has acted in the movie Heavy Times and in regional commercials for iParty and Olympia Sports. He's also an award-winning journalist who has written funny stories and columns for The Boston Globe, North Shore Magazine and The Christian Science Monitor. He also created the themed-standup show How Men Think (Or Do They) and the web series Post Office Golf League. He also runs Scamps Comedy Productions, which produces live comedy shows in a variety of venues (from theaters to restaurants to outdoor facilities) and specializes in fund-raising comedy nights that have raised more than $240,000 for various good causes since 2008.