Led by EJ Ouellette on fiddle, guitar and vocals, Crazy Maggy is a fiddle-driven rock band. Maggy rocks the roots of trad fiddle music by blending ancient melodies with new arrangements, contemporary lyrics, and a myriad of dance grooves. The result is a mesmerizing sound which seduces audiences with its energy and invention. Their tribal jams, known as Maggy moments, define their RAD/TRAD style: Radical Traditional.

Maggy music is showcased on the band’s first CD, “Rock the Bow 5.0,” released in 2007. Music reviewer Bruce Menin writes, “The combination of fiddle and sax is a revelation and a dream”. Daniel Gewertz of the Boston Herald exclaimed, “EJ Ouellette & Crazy Maggy was a delightful electric fusion surprise. Fiddle and sax lead a fearless band!”

EJ Ouellette also performs as a solo/duo artist on fiddle, guitars, mandolin and vocals.