Funded in 1988 under the name of D'George Studio. We work with graphic designers, printmakers, creatives. We focus in personalize services, quality images and affordable price.


My work exists to tell persuasive stories. It could be a short story about a person or a product but my work must bring inspiration to my clients’ customers and prospects.

To achieve this, I must do two things.

First, I must  work only with customers able and ready to connect and grow — not just as professionals but — as human beings.

Second, I must challenge conventions, both my clients’ and my own. I must work harder with those few to tell their stories with clarity, conviction, and on budget.

The man on the mirror is now engaged. He’s been working 10-hour days on his portfolio, communication and action until this mission is immediately apparent to all who approach his work … or he will die.

And he doesn’t want death because he has a lofty dreams to pursue.