Tony Gangi is the author of Carny Sideshows: Weird Wonders of the Midway (Citadel Press, 2010), a chronicle of his week attending Sideshow School at Coney Island's famed Sideshows By the Seashore.

Stemming from his love of the circus and sideshow comes a fascination with traditional, hand cranked street organs. He can often be found on the streets of Salem during tourist season filling the air with these calliope-like sounds. He offers schools, libraries and other organizations a full presentation on the history of the street organ along with musical selections. Music-only organ grinding gigs are also available (minus the monkey).

In addition, Mr. Gangi is also a freelance sculptor, painter, editor and teacher. Having spent over fifteen years in the New York book business (first with Bantam Doubleday Dell and then Barnes & Noble), he offers numerous creative writing classes and workshops through Northshore Community College and Boston Center for Adult Education as well as a full array of critical editorial services for would-be writers.

He also loves Halloween.