Ironic Music Booking Agency is the most comprehensive booking agency on the New England music scene. We handle a wide array of artists and are confident that we can provide the perfect entertainment for any venue or situation. Whether you’re planning a small party or a major event, we can assure you the best possible talent. If cover or original bands, DJs, Karaoke MC’s, tribute bands, original singer-songwriters, or a comedian are what you’re looking for, we’ve got them. We pride ourselves in differentiating from the ‘average’ booking agent in that we focus a great deal of attention on the promotion and marketing of all the gigs we book.

Ironic Music Booking Agency focuses on booking acts North of Boston up to Southern NH. Our goal is to help musicians broaden their horizons and get more gigs, as well as help venues that are looking to get to know new and different talent. We work with everyone from single musicians to full bands, and strive to find the perfect musician/band to fit the venue. We are highly specialized in solo, duo and trio acoustic acts, which generally are a good fit for smaller, restaurant-type venues seeking to spend less money but not give up on great, live entertainment!