Jeni Jol ("New Path" in Macedonian) is the brainchild of Tev Stevig and explores the potential of playing the fretless nylon string guitar in the clawhammer style. Clawhammer, or frailing, is typically associated with old time American folk music played on the banjo, but Tev uses this uniquely American playing style on the fretless guitar to arrive at new arrangements of his favorite tunes from the Balkans, Greece, and Turkey, as well as some original material. He was inspired to do this after listening to recordings of the great Turkish musician, Erkan Ogur (credited by many for having invented the fretless guitar), and shortly thereafter to banjo virtuoso Adam Hurt’s recording "Earth Tones" in which he plays exclusively on a fretless gourd banjo. There is a certain simplicity to the clawhammer style, that when combined with the intriguing dance rhythms of the Balkans, brings a dance-like rhythmic drive to the music. While clawhammer is quite common amongst banjo players, there is only a very small community of guitarists utilizing this style, most apply it to the performance of old time American folk or Celtic music.  By combining Balkan, Middle Eastern and American traditions in this way, Tev hopes to create a new folk music that is both listenable and danceable, while paying deep respect to all of his cultural and musical influences. The duo formation of Jeni Jol also features Brian O'Neill on pitched percussion.