Kat Everett is a constructive deconstructionist. Anti-racist, educator, social justice advocate, curator, activist, writer, spoken word artist.

She is a Senior Level Executive with over 22 years of refined experience in the human/social services field working in a variety of professional settings and levels including grassroots organizations, city, state, and federal entities, pub-lic k-12 schools, public and private higher education institutions. Kat carries 10 years of diversity, equity, inclusion education experience cultivating and working with cross-sector teams locally, nationally and globally and has extensive community engagement experience. Kat is skilled in innovative approaches and transformative interdisciplinary pedagogy. Her areas of expertise include; child welfare, trauma, addictions, mental health, family and community engagement, youth work, training & development, and promoting inclusive excellence.

Currently Kat runs a nonprofit with the love of her life Dennis, called Power of Self-Education (POSE) Inc. who's mission is "to inspire people and mobilize resources to strengthen communities". In 2018 Kat founded an arts and cultural community center in Haverhill, MA called COCO Brown. She is also mom to 7, a Christian and a Capricorn. Kat has spent the past 9 years studying the correlation between sexuality and spirituality, which she expands upon in her master's dissertation titled “Sex in the Sanctuary: Art Faith and Female Sexual Addiction”. Kat’s personal mission is to “Constantly Cultivate Community”.