The city of Lynn has become a hub of art and culture; the wonderful murals and art being displayed around the city undoubtedly adds to the beauty of Lynn, but we also must not ignore that with it comes the gentrification of this community, and with that, the culture that makes this community special is at risk of disappearing. The Lynn Hip Hop Wall of Fame mural serves to preserve the rich hip hop culture in Lynn, and recognize those who have contributed to the culture by honoring their efforts through a community driven voting and induction process.

The Lynn Hip Hop Wall of Fame is a community driven mural to commemorate the talented hip hop artists from Lynn and support the long history of Lynn hip hop culture. Inductees will be voted on by the Lynn hip hop community for the first induction ceremony tentatively scheduled for Spring/Summer 2022. The first year induction will be a large induction class followed every year thereafter by a smaller class for each category. The first year induction includes the top 10 rappers in Lynn, Top 5 Producers, Top 5 people that have uplifted the hip hop community and a battle rap category to commemorate the Lynn battle rap culture. Lynn hip hop fans will vote in a survey to decide who deserves the go on the wall. The voting is meant to spark conversations within the community about artists that represent Lynn hip hop. The goal being that these conversations will lead to more people recognizing the talent in their community by engaging each other in discussion. The Lynn Hip Hop Wall of Fame Mural will be Lynn's version of an annual hip hop awards ceremony.