I am a paper artist with a fully functioning papermaking studio, located north of Boston. I use a Hollander Beater to beat pulp, pigment it, and then make sheets of paper that may be used for painting, drawing, sculpture, and stationery. I teach workshops in my studio to art teachers and hobbyists several times a year. Working in my studio allows participants to experience a fully operational papermaking studio with all the equipment. Art teachers from local school districts have scheduled workshops in my studio to meet their professional development requirements. I am happy to supply references from past workshop participants. 

When working in my studio is not an optgion, I travel to schools to teach papermaking to students and hold workshops for art teachers so they can teach these methods to their students. I bring all the supplies with me so it is very easy for the art teacher to hire me and not have to add to their busy schedule. 

I have years of teaching experience at the high school and college level and was the chair of art education at Salem State University. I hold a Ph.D. in art education and am familiar with all the standards for teaching art in k-12 environments. I am happy to supply references upon request as well as samples of mine and student artwork.