Nathalie Royston is a ceramic artist specializing in creating functional ceramic tableware (mugs, bowls, cups, serving dishes) and home accessories (planters, baking dishes, keepsake/trinket boxes) for everyday use. She began working with clay in 2004, after volunteering with a potter in her community. She describes her process like this:

I always consider the tactile experience, how a piece will feel – the shape, weight, texture, how it handles, the effects of hot & cold. This is where I begin, this is where I end. My work, whether it is functional or sculptural, is meant to be held, to have tactile interaction. Once I’m comfortable with these elements I move on from function to aesthetics.

I primarily work on functional pieces. I prefer high-fire stoneware clay, not only for its ease of use and durability, but also because of the unique character the clay gives to an individual piece, especially when fired in a reduction kiln. I like to let the clay, the firing process and the form do the talking, keeping the design and glazing simple and complementary.