Nicole is a Lynn based artist who produces artwork based on natural themes sometimes in artificial environments.

Having grown up in the country and surrounded by nature has heavily influenced how Nicole looks at the world.  Plants and animals, each amazing in its own way, provide endless inspiration for her work. From the radiant beauty of birds in the Spring, to the tragic, muted browns of a fallen leaf at the approach of winter, nothing reveals the wonderful cycle of life as much as the flora and fauna that lies all around us.

Nicole attended Grinnell College where she received a degree in Anthropology.  Although she has been drawn to art since she was first able to hold a paintbrush, it was not until 2009 when she started her studio, that she began painting professionally. She uses her research talents when starting new work.  Generally her paintings will begin by fully immersing herself in a subject through print and in the field if possible. For her 2013 collection, she traveled the length of the Connecticut River from its start at the Canadian border to the mouth in Long Island Sound.  She documented the plants and animals, as well as the impact of non-native and invasive species on the ecosystem.

Her recent work has brought her to research museum collections.  The Harvard Museum of Natural History has provided endless hours of inspiration and some of her newest works are her interpretation of the actual museum specimens and displays. The spotlights highlighting the carefully preserved subjects create dramatic shadows and the juxtaposition of colors and textures form beautiful tableaux.