My objective is to create photographs that communicate both the recording of the occurrence and a personal expression of the experience.

As an artist working within private portrait commissions, I focus on aspects of children & growth – from toddler to teen – exploring themes of childhood and the rituals and rites of passage within the varying stages of growth. I am particularly concerned with capturing the intrinsic quality of children to be fully expressed within a present moment.

This interests me because we've all experienced the joy and freedom of childhood, yet as we mature, this freedom to express ourselves diminishes. With each passing year, play becomes more structured, laughter more confined and our ability to fully experience (and express) ourselves in a moment disciplined to an appropriate place and time. I view this as an unfortunate aspect of aging, and I'd assert this is a collective unconscious reason why adults are so captivated by children.

I am equally motivated to communicate how a moment in life "feels" and look for ways that allow a viewer to experience the moment captured. Rather than seeing the photograph and processing it visually, I look for ways to draw a viewer into the moment so that it is physically "felt".

I incorporate a documentary approach to explore the emotions and activities of movement and play and of the rituals within day to day living. I also look for what lies in between. For me, these moments reveal the essence of who we are deep within – the being that is often hidden under that mask we wear on the surface.

The documentary projects I am involved with are oriented towards looking at commonalities rather than differences. In helping others move past surface judgments to understanding others in terms of humanity. As our times are marked by racism, inequality, immigration and snap judgement, photography can serve to document the injustices while serving to help education, unite and align.

And as a person with deep spiritual beliefs, I strive to integrate an aspect of service in my work; being present for the people I work with in a way that allows what's inside to surface.