Dennis Everett Jr. also known as "Preacha Rhymes" is an independent artist from Haverhill, Massachusetts. His most recently released album "Do Not Resuscitate” captures his testimony of: Being dead to 20 + years of abuse, crime, violence, prison, drugs and gangs. Preacha Rhymes uses “Do Not Resuscitate” to fearlessly express his inner most thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences. Through his music he shares the journey and internal struggles as a man that has transitioned him from a life of incarceration, crime and violence to a life of family, church, and community. In this album you will find a range of songs like "Invisible Chains" were he challenges the integrity and ideological promises of American society, to transparent and soul-baring songs like "The Rise” or “Sinners Prayer” which he shares his struggles and shortcomings. Each song is carefully constructed in a attempt to inspire, encourage and enlighten. Whether singing, rapping, playing guitar, or producing, Preacha Rhymes' album “Do Not Resuscitate” remains a timeless original work as he presses to close the gap between faith and the world. He is a father of 7 children. He and his wife Kat live in Haverhill where they co-founded a nonprofit called Power of Self-Education (POSE) Inc. a community engagement and advocacy agency who's mission is to "inspire people and mobilize resources to strengthen communities". Formerly known as Green Monstar, Dennis has collaborated with hundreds of artists across the USA and has always worked to elevate the collaborative quality and collective excellence of New England born artists. He uses his experience, trained eye and multimedia production and promotions to assist in the development of other local artist and sharpening of their collective crafts.