Nearby, there’s an island that homes the complex sensualities of femme figures & their counterparts, called Cúcala. Similar to Rixy’s own jungles, here lives stylized narratives of embodiment, survival, & healing, deadly against the toxic Machismentos. They are painted through assemblages & activations, rooted in the products of communal sustainability to mortalize their glamour. Her background in Street Art, Illustration, & Sculpture, built these intersecting connections. Using local mediums like traditional inks & aerosols, extracted pigments, & embellished recycled materials, creates a process that reflects the iridescent characters & environments of our realities. There is an abundance of beauty in our scars, & creating these raw works in studio conversations, public art, & programming, reflect the truth behind the marks shared across communities. Rixy aims to resemble the concrete jungles of her neighbors & heritage, the exuberant spirituality of womanhood, & create access to the tools for our health & wealth.

Rixy (she/her, b. 1995) is an Interdisciplinary Street Artist from Roxbury, Massachusetts,
bred by Latinx Caribbean blood. Primarily self-taught, she received her Studio BA at UMass Boston ’19, for an influence in her sensual & spatial awareness. The leg of her works are exhibited on street-wide and institutional walls, from her base in New England to Latin America. Recently, she introduced her solo exhibition “Enter the Cúcala”, a collection of new works reflecting the background of its’ femme inhabitants & their raw upbringings. Seen at Trustman Gallery of Simmons University, Laisun Keane Gallery, & Woman Made Gallery in Chicago. This practice has inspired her positions in Teaching, Programming, & Social Justice. Rixy attended TheCreateWell’s Converging Liberations Residency at Mass MoCA, a Ruth Butler Fellowship in Mexico, was commissioned by the City of Boston as a Transformative Public Art Muralist, completed her Now+There’s Accelerator Public Artist Project, & is currently an A.I.R with Elevated Thought.