Born Estarlyn J. Hiraldo, Starling The Kid is a Dominican multimedia artist, filmmaker, and musician based in the Greater Boston area. Art direction, production, songwriting/lyricism, poetry, photography, painting, drawing, sculpting, and graphic design all encompass his artistic practice. Navigating predominantly homogeneous spaces empowers Starling to break through the glass ceiling and craft compelling work, stories that speak up for underrepresented identities and give hope to the world. His work often explores hardships tied to the immigrant experience and quest for identity in the most critical transitional stages of life. He makes Latinx stories inherent to the American experience as part of a universal experience. My fees/rates are negotiable, depending on the type of performance or service requested (individual or group live musical set performance, live poetry/spoken word, film screening, acting, visual art exhibit.)

As an alum of the Television Academy Foundation Internship Program, he pursues a career in entertainment. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Providence College, focusing in Film/Video and Business Innovation. Starling's love for the arts made him a member of the Assets for Artists Mass MoCa Spring 2021 Cohort. He is also the recipient of the Film Award from Providence College and Janel Young (JY) Originals' Scholarship for Creatives. Lois W. Stern published his biography in her book Tales2Inspire ~ The Pearl Collection: Awesome Kids (2018). 

Following his 2016 debut single L.A.W.R.E.N.C.E, Starling paid homage to his adolescent hardships with the release of his debut Rap/Hip-Hop mixtape In the Midst of Adolescence. His single Feel Alive came out two years later, along with featured verses on song collaborations with other New England artists and collectives. Starling most recently performed at WDOM 91.3 FM’s Stuartstock Music Festival. He has performed live music and poetry at various college and community events across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Starling also has written, directed, and produced a series of short films: Heritage (2018), Poor Justice (2019), and Into the Frame(2020). His work has been screened on local television and recognized by venues and festivals worldwide.

Starling The Kid has worked on and been featured in a series of feature films, indie short films, commercials, documentary interviews, and television shows: Sony Pictures’ I Wanna Dance With Somebody (2022), Walt Disney Studios’ Hocus Pocus 2 (2022), Joan Kulash’s Community InRoads – Episode 5, Michaelle Collado’s Pending (2021), Bring on the Ballot’s Our Vote, Our Reality (2020) virtual series, and a COVID-19 Vaccine commercial ad for the Rhode Island Department of Health. He has worked on productions like: Verdi Productions’ Johnny & Clyde (2022) starring Maghan Fox & Tyson Ritters, Golden Deer Productions’ Apple Cinema (2021) & Fast Food Breakfast Morning (2020), and commercials for United Way and Lucy’s Health. He also executive produced Michael.T’s third and upcoming short film JUNE 22ND