Artist and sculptor Ryan Kelley of Byfield, MA creatively transforms wire, wood, metal and stone into unique pieces of art. Ryan is an experienced creative driving change in the artistic community around him with hundreds of creations and commissioned pieces to his name. Kelley’s work can be seen in homes and businesses throughout the country and around the world. Over the years his pieces have grown in scale and intricacy, much like his signature trees crafted from hundreds or even thousands of wires.

A self-taught artist, Ryan began creating art during free time in high school. His works quickly changed from small gifts for friends and family to beautiful pieces of art for clients and customers. In the early years of his career he joined the Newburyport Art Association as a member and then as a Board Member, significantly growing and changing his artistic passion and knowledge along with his connection to the local artists, organizations, and schools.  Ryan has received numerous awards for Best Work in Sculpture at associations across the state, and exhibits his work in galleries in other states.

As his career has evolved over the past 11 years, Ryan has narrowed his focus and interest to several main areas. Education- visiting local schools or organizations as a guest speaker or visiting artist working with students of all ages, as well as hosting adult classes in various locations monthly. Studio work- creating wire trees and some other sculptures for sale through him, galleries, or exhibitions. Commissioned work- working with a variety of clients on projects ranging from custom sculptures to residential and commercial installations involving multiple local artists and craftspeople.

Organizations that Kelley is involved with include the Newburyport Art Association, The Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce, the Marblehead Arts Association, and the New England Sculptors Association.