Call for Art Pop Art + Streetstyle

Jul 8, 2021Call for Artists

Call for art

LOUD! (Pop Art / Street Style) August 12-September 19

Campbell’s soup cans. Comic book inspirations. Art inspired by pop culture and mass market objects. That’s how the artists of the 1950s challenged the traditions of Fine Art and started the Pop Art movement.

Then came guerilla art. Provocative messages and social commentary took to the streets – quite literally. Graffiti. Spray-painted murals. Yarn-bombing. Wait – yarn-bombing is Street Art? Well, yes, and Street Art can also be beautiful!

Both art movements created a new liberty to express yourself, and it’s that expressive liberty that we want to see from our artists for this new exhibit. Be bold, loud and messy. Subvert the banal, conceptualize the kitschy. How do you challenge society’s perceptions of what Fine Art is?

Need inspiration? Think about these words (just don’t be limited by them!):

Pop-Art: out-there (edgy), bold colors, advertising/graphical style, everyday objects, modern, chunky outlines, comic style, obvious false colors, contrasty black-and-white, riffs on popular cultural themes

Street style: drippy spray paint, urban jungle, graffiti, raw, rough, fast, social critique, gritty, non-traditional materials, pushing boundaries

What we are not looking for in THIS call for art: idyllic scenes; soft and atmospheric; purely abstract (We just had a wonderful abstract and minimalist show, we want to keep it fresh!)

Still unsure? That’s ok. Send me (Stefanie Timmermann) a DM with a cellphone snap of your art and we can discuss!

You can submit up to four recent pieces (completed within the last two years). Please also submit an artist statement (here’s a how-to: The jurors are looking for your best on-topic work and are looking forward to jurying-in up to three works per artist.

Take-in process:

Please fill out our online art intake form on our website

Take-in for art is on August 5th time TBD, August 6th time TBD   and 7th 11AM-5PM. Look for updates on Facebook.


Artwork Requirements:

  • Work should have been completed in the last 2 years.
  • Up to 4 pieces of art may be submitted. All works will be considered by the curating committee.
  • Size limitations:  5’x5’ and up to 50 lbs.
  • All physical artwork must be for sale.  Non-tangible art is welcomed and does not need to include a sales component.
  • Artwork must be ready to be installed.  Hanging artwork should be framed or sides appropriately finished.  Hanging method is gallery style with wire – no saw teeth. See the resources page on the website for how to wire.  There are a limited number of pedestals available so if you will require one, please discuss your needs at drop off.
  • Artist’s name, title, price, and contact info should be on the back of the work.
  • The first two pieces that you submit should be $300 and the other two may be any price.


  • Exhibit fee of $20.00 (nonmember) / $5.00 (member) to be paid by credit card, cash, check or money order for up to 3 pieces.  Make check or money order payable to GALA.


  • GALA staff will oversee the sale of art.  GALA receives 30% commission on sold items.  GALA members pay a discounted commission of 25% on sales.  All artwork must remain at GALA until the exhibit ends.  Payment to artists will be made within 45 business days of the end of the exhibit.


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