Building Capacity

Our goals for capacity building programs

  • Strengthen key areas for organizational sustainability and creative business development.
  • Build and support a new network of artists, cultural leaders, creative entrepreneurs, and designers that are better equipped to meet shared challenges.
  • Equip creative producers with the tools to manage all aspects of the arts and culture business.

Our commitment

Through 2022, ECCF will invest $250,000 in capacity building and leadership development in the critical areas of financial management; partnership development; diversity, equity, inclusion and access; marketing; and audience development. ECCF is committed to creating professional development and capacity-building opportunities for cultural leaders and small and volunteer-run arts and culture organizations to further their missions and compete in our creative economy.



Current trainings

Assets for Artists Webinar Series

Assets for Artists will host a series of capacity building workshops in partnership with ECCF’s Creative County Initiative. Register here for current trainings.

CCI ChangeMakers

The CCI ChangeMakers' mission is to create and support a network of creative civic leaders with knowledge and skills to help build a more inclusive and sustainable arts and culture ecosystem within Essex County. For more information about CCI ChangeMakers, contact

Learn more about the 2022 cohort arts and culture projects seeded by a ChangeMakers grant!

Past trainings

Assets for Artists Spring 2021 Webinar Series

Assets for Artists hosted a series of free recovery-focused financial and business webinars. In partnership with ECCF's Creative County Initiative, three of the workshops are only open to artists who currently reside in Essex County.

Capitalization and the Financial Health of Nonprofit Organizations

Hosted by Grantmakers in the Arts, this virtual nonprofit capitalization workshop focused on proactively managing your arts and culture organization's financial health.

2020 free to the creative community workshop series

In early 2020, ECCF offered a series of capacity-building workshops to help artists, arts and culture organizations, and creative entrepreneurs compete in our creative economy. Learn More.

Essex County Artist Webinars for a Post-COVID World

Free crisis-focused financial & business webinars for artists. A partnership with Mass MOCA-based Assets for Artists.

  • The Essentials of Digital Marketing
  • Creative Practice within Virtual Communities 
  • Making a Plan in a Time of Uncertainty 
  • Online Sales for Craft Artists


Community voices

“All young people should and could have access to wide-ranging, creative, and alternative learning opportunities. By increasing capacity for creative access and exposure for our young people, we are allowing for a more humanizing approach to supporting their futures; empowering them through art in its many forms. What will the world look like when we, as a species, more readily accept the importance and power of creativity?”

- Marquis Victor, Founding Executive, Director of Elevated Thought