Light the Falls Holiday celebration

Dec 16, 2021Arts & Culture, Events

Photo by Mary Ellen Deangelo Lombari 
Light the Falls is the first event for Merrimack Valley that focuses on bringing diversity, inclusion, technology, and the arts together. Be a part of celebrating the community holidays in this historical location in the heart of downtown Methuen. A colorful light show and when possible, pop-up musical accompaniment and light refreshments.
“Light the Falls” – is a collaborative public art space headed by nonprofit Arts Institute Group of the Merrimack Valley/Methuen Arts initiative in partnership with the City of Methuen, Olson Electric, and the lighting architectural firm Lam Partners and partially funded by Essex County Community Foundation’s Creative County Initiative (CCI). Sponsored by Mill Falls Apartments, a Standard Communities property, and Enterprise Bank. #LightTheFalls #creative_collective #ECCF

Video Transcript:

Methuen Arts came about after our walk around the city with arts consultant in 2017. It was a cold day and a bunch of the artists from the community walked around town and pointed out areas where we thought that there could be some art to enhance the community. This was one of the items that we thought was a low-hanging fruit was to enhance the downtown area with lights on the waterfall. And we were at a conference we met one of the representatives and they said hey, you know, we'd really like to get something going in Methuen, and part of that application was that you needed to partner with a business and a municipal organization. So we reached out to the city asked them if they were interested in partnering with us. Our group decided that they wanted to do something that would be more permanent and so we move forward within that direction and we found consulting group through an old friend of mine, land partners came out and did a site survey and they were really excited about participating and so they've been working with us pro bono since the beginning.

As we went through and started talking about the design, we decided to change it to a more advanced one. But they were all going to be programmable lights, all the supply chain issues. In 2021. We were still able to get the equipment in before the end of the year. We got assistance in installing that with the city. We still have some tuning to do have that equipment, but we've started working with it. We've also gotten some training from the manufacturers of the light fixtures Lumenpulse and they've been very supportive in guiding us how to how to work with this equipment. We're in practice mode right now where we're practicing doing small events, or practicing doing small light shows. And we're ramping up to try to get artists included in all of that events, designing light shows and so we're looking for people who want to be engaged with that.