Poetry – Temporary Wartime Values – Gladys Wangeci Gitau-Damaskos

Jul 30, 2021Arts & Culture

Recorded by Three Phase Productions at Imagina Essex in Lawrence.

Gladys Wangeci Gitau-Damaskos Co-Founder & Prose Editor Gladys Wangeci Gitau-Damaskos (she/ they) is a Kenyan-born writer, artist, designer, teacher, and activist from Lawrence, Massachusetts. As an artist, Wangeci lives by Audre Lorde’s words, “Your silence will not save you.” Her writing and activism center around her experiences taking up space on American soil as an immigrant queer African femme. Gladys is the author of “there’s the truth then there are other things” and is in the process of publishing her second book of poetry “I’m Not Allowed to Explain (only Foreshadow & Reminisce).” Wangeci wants to focus her efforts on publishing more intentionally and helping others do the same. In addition to being a co-founder & prose editor at Exposed Brick Literary Magazine, she loves writing and making art with her friends. When Gladys (or Mx. Gitau) is not teaching Humanities to her students, or listening to audiobooks and pretending she read them, she can be found in her garden in south Lawrence, next to her husband, William, and her tortoises, Sakis and Recho. She is currently pursuing her Masters’ in Literary Arts from the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College.

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