All About Buford is a pop-funk vocal band formed April of 2000. Their varied individual musical influences shape their repertoire, so you’ll hear pop, jazz, r&b, world music, and contemporary acoustic sounds. Genres are mixed and matched, sometimes within a song! Sometimes a guitar is used, and sometimes hand percussion, but mostly, the quartet delivers pure vocals and intricate harmonic lines that have led many to comment on how 4 people manage to get such a BIG sound! They are the 2003 Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes champions (with a special prize for Best Original Song), and the runners-up for 2002. In 2003, they received several A Cappella Community Awards. The Middleboro Gazette described them as “a band that has helped to change the acoustic music landscape of the Northeast”. Performing an eclectic mix of covers and originals, All About Buford has been described as both sexy AND sophisticated, and they have performed steadily at venues large and small since their inception.