Courageously You

Courageously You

Do you shrink away from photos? Do you look at a photo and say something disparaging about yourself out loud, or in your head? Do you have to have just the right angle in order for a photo to not be deleted?

We receive messages about our bodies every single day. And let’s face it, most of them are not good. We “need” to be thinner, smaller, more toned, less double chin, more tan, clearer skin, etc, etc.

What if… we were

Observant of our feelings about ourselves?

Curious about what the feelings are, and where they come from?

Careful about how we talk about ourselves, especially in front of children?

Grateful for our bodies, and all they have brought us through?

Our bodies EXIST in the here and now. What if we honor them and celebrate them?

Believe it or not, YOU have the ability to overcome this mindset. You’ve already been through so much and have shown your GRIT in life. Allow yourself the kindness and GRACE to step into vulnerability, being gentle and brave. You will not be alone; you’ll have a team of trusted guides by your side.

I’m so excited for our next round of Courageously You!

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Stylist: Lisa Ann Schraffa Santin

Makeup: Nicole Celso

Photography: Tracey Westgate

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